Life Comes in Many Spectrums



Effective March 2018: All ANTF Spectrum Support has ended as the product has finally reached its End of Life (EOL) and will no longer be Supported. This site and available Spectrum Services will go offline in the near future. 


Current Spectrum Users: There is a serious Flaw in the desktop that causes a never-ending cascade of browser windows to open, resulting in a crash of the system. The issue is still unknown as to why its happening but as we said, the product is no longer being supported. If you wish, you can upgrade to the much newer and better system ANTF Nebula by clicking Here!

Prominent Features


Easy To Use Interface

Easily navigate your PC and quick access to apps to make the most of your session.


Dual View Mode

Spectrum can Window in Windows for a seamless and integrated feeling similar to a VirtualBox feeling.


Beautiful Design

1080P pixel density support and breathtakingly clear wallpapers and lockscreens.


Highly Customizable

From favorite apps, to looks, to file development, Spectrum's got it all!

Our Tradition

ANTF has been making software for over 10 years. Our expertise in Xbox clan software, and virtual interface systems has made us an industry leader.

Our Promise

Our software is made with the best coding syntax and resources available to us. We promise easy installation, easy use, and quick support! We promise you will love it, Try Spectrum risk free; it is freeware after all!

Our Philosophy

We believe that an interface should be a free-flowing work of art that serves as a testament, to not how far we have come, but how human your machine can be.